Monday, 28 October 2013

Sienna at Seven Days

Tom and I are delighted to announce the arrival of our daughter, Sienna May Lister, at 1.01pm on Sunday 20th October in Melbourne! Our little bundle of loveliness weighed in at 6lb 10oz (3kg) and measured 47cm long.

We are overflowing with love for Sienna, and are having a wonderful (read: wonderful but tiring!) time getting to know each other and figuring out life as a family of three.

Today marks the seven day anniversary of her arrival, which was also the first day that I felt human enough to pick up the camera and think properly about documenting these early days in the way in which I know you all expect me to do!

I have an array of images from our hospital stay which should really be presented in advance of this set, but they were snapped across four different phones/cameras and require more time sorting / censoring / narrating than I wish to divert from Sienna right now.

So here are some simple shots of Sienna at seven days - shot in under five minutes whilst Tom made lunch, but hopefully ones that we will look back on fondly in years to come.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words that you've shared with us this week - being able to share this happy time with family and friends has turned amazing into awesome :-)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Wedding Album.. finally!

No less than 21 months after the event, I've finally managed to complete our wedding photo album! Our beloved photographer, Mister Phill, assures me that this is very normal. Well, that's a relief then.

It has been the onset of maternity leave which has finally granted me the time no excuses not to complete the album, as well as an email with a 20% off coupon code for my chosen publisher, Blurb books.

Our friends Kevin & Jordan had used Blurb to produce a photobook of their Australia Blog, and I was so impressed with the quality of the finish, that I knew it would be a good company to use for printing our wedding photos. I used the downloadble 'book smart' software and it was pretty much idiot proof. I was convinced that our book would show up complete with spelling mistakes or mis-cropped images, but no such issues have yet been found!

If you'd like to make a Blurb book, you can get £15 off your first book by using this link if you are UK based.

Here are some photos of our completed book:

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Time for a foodie post...

So it's official, maternity leave has commenced I have have metamorphised (if that's possible in my current physical state) from office profession to SAHM. That's a 'Stay at Home Mum' to those of you who don't know....

For me, this new roles requires a bit of brushing up on my cooking skills. Followers of my blog or friends and family will know that Tom is really the cooking talent in our household. Unless you want to eat pavlova for three meals a day, seven days a week (and *some* people might want to), then I'm not really your woman. Until now.. I am hearby declaring that I'm about to make an effort to get better in the kitchen at SAVOURY cooking!

I started today with a hearty Italian vegetable soup from Good Food. It didn't burn and it tasted nice (well, my taste test sample of one person - me - voted favourably!). Here's my before and after photo, and click here for the recipe.