Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Golden Seeds - Part 1 : Planting

If you follow me on instagram (anyone? no, I didn't think so!) then you might have seen my weekly updates on my 'Golden Seeds'. I thought this perhaps needed some further explanation.

I have just started a year long training program that focuses on personal development. It's one of these courses that takes you on a bit of a journey of self reflection (click off now if you wish), and to symbolise the journey on which we are about to embark, all of the participants were given a packet of 'golden seeds'. In this packet were a mixture of Australian native seeds, and we were encouraged to plant them to remind us that 'from little things, big things grow'.

In the spirit of giving it a go.. here's the planting of my golden seeds. Check out my instagram for weekly updates.

Herb Garden

Thanks to Jamie Oliver and his Thirty Minute Meals which all require thirty different herbs, we have decided to plant some herbs on our balcony. This was a resounding failure in our old apartment as our pour little herbs were too exposed to the elements of Port Phillip bay, but we are hoping our new, more sheltered spot will provide a better home.

Tom planted some bigger, decorative pots and I was in charge of herbs. I chose rosemary, mint, coriander and oregano.I was not praised for my selection, as Tom insists we have never ever used oregano in a recipe before... well, you never know what Jamie will require next!

Here's a few planting pics:

Swinging past Sinagpore

En-route back from Thailand we whizzed through Singapore. We had an eight hour stopover during the daytime, and in between immigration, baggage collection, transport, and all the other admin surrounding air travel, we managed to sneak in about 3 hours in the city..... and, we were really impressed!

It was very east-meets-west, had fantastic shopping, great transportation and interesting modern architecture. It also happened to be qualifying day for the Singapore Grand Prix, so there was an extra buzz around the place. Literally.

Here's a few photos, and a promise to return to Singapore before too long and look around properly...

 Shopping mall boating lake anyone?