Friday, 19 December 2014

A little update!

I thought it was high time for a bit of an update.. since I last wrote we have had three new teeth, two lots of illness, one wedding, multiple frosts, and a lot of work in our home!

I miss Australia like mad, but the happiness we are getting from being close to family and old friends is immeasurable, and the more 'novelty' perks of being back in the UK are still going strong. The list of small things which make us happy to be 'home' are endless… a cold and festive run up to Christmas, Sky TV, calling friends and family in the same time zone, John Lewis 'Click and Collect' (my goodness, that's dangerous!) ... even Dave Lamb's voiceovers on Come Dine with Me!

Tom tries not to think about what we have left behind (remarkably positive for him really!), but I can't help missing my mummy friends, easy walks and the favourable climate. We are still awaiting our belongings which have now been absent for three months. I think once they arrive and are situated in our house my brain will finally realise that they aren't still sitting in our old Melbourne apartment!

There is plenty to do to keep me occupied however. Not a minute of nap time is wasted as aside from all the normal household chores, there have been Christmas presents to buy and wrap, unpacking and sorting to do, and the small matter of re-establishing my photography business here in the UK. I'm totally re-branding my business, making a new website and hope to launch in early 2015.

Sienna is now approaching 14 months old.. she has tested us with teething and temper tantrums, but most of the time is a happy and delightful little soul. She enjoys walking whilst holding our hands and can pull herself up to her knees, but not quite to her feet. She can stand whilst holding on to something, but hasn't yet gone for a 'cruise'!

She has four teeth, loves 'round and round the garden' and blowing bubbles.. is happiest in the bath, and could eat the world out of avocados if we'd let her!

Here are some photos from recent weeks…

Showing off her new skills in the cot

Visiting the reindeer at Garson's Farm in Esher

Giving 'kisses'!

Playing on mummy and daddy's bed (mattress on the floor still!) and (middle bottom) 'round and round the garden'