Sunday, 28 March 2010

Button brings victory for the Brits!

If you haven't watched the Australian Grand Prix yet... then the title of this blog has probably already spoilt the result for you. Apologies. It was however, such a phenominal race that I couldn't resist blogging about it as soon as we got home!

Tom and I were really excited about going to our first Forumla 1 grand prix, and with the Australian race taking place within walking distance from our apartment, this was a prime opportunity to attend. We bought general admission tickets for both qualifying and race day, and neither visit disappointed.

Qualifying day was great as there were fewer crowds and we had the opportunity to walk around and soak up the atmosphere, as well as get close to the track to practise our photography of fast moving objects (does it get any faster than this?). We decided that standing up in the crowds for the 2 hour race didn't actually appeal that much, so tried and then failed miserably to get last minute grandstand tickets for the race. Oh well, next year.

Go Hamilton!

We were late arriving on race day due to the arrival one of my UK work colleagues, Sam Tomlinson, in Melbourne. After a quick lunch with Sam and some of the rest of the UK-gang, we rushed to Albert Park and staked our (rather late) claim on a small patch of grass by turn 2. The race went by in a flash and thankfully the rain added to the tension of the race more than it detracted from the comfort of our spectating. Jenson's win was a fantastic end to an awesome weekend of motor sport, and we flooded onto the track with the rest of the crowd to celebrate. I was waving a huge Union Flag and as we gathered with the other Britsh supporters outside Jenson's pit garage, the photographers took advantage of the sea of flags!

Go Button!

Here are some more photos from our fantastic weekend:

Tom celebrating on the track

Thank goodness for eBay - the flag was a great thing to have!

The noise was incredible and ear defenders a must

The British fans were very artistic

This is not me, but I liked the idea

Lewis on the parade of drivers, which I missed because I was in the queue for damn ice creams!!

In the general admission 'pit'.. once was enough

Lunch earlier in the day - L-R - Tom, Rob, Jacqui, Sam

Final celebrations before home time

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