Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Seeing double (or triple)

Tom and I are always on the look out for a good business opportunity, and since our engagement, an opening has come to our attention - the UK market for engagement cards. In what you might expect to be a saturated sector, there is clearly a lack of choice, and this was illustrated by the number of duplicate engagement cards that we received. In a population of 21 cards, we received duplicates of one design, and triplicates of two designs! I'm not even sure if triplicates is a word!! Our sample may be biased of course - obviously we have friends and family with consistently good taste.

And here's a photo of the rest of the cards:

If you look carefully you'll see that I'm also displaying the envelope that godson-Jake's card came in, because he coloured it so beautifully!

I also wanted to say a blog thank you to everyone who bought us lovely gifts! I'm not going to list names individually, but we were very grateful for everything that we received. Perhaps Tom would have proposed sooner if he knew we would be showered with such niceties? There is one gift that I wanted to share with you all - today we received in the post a fantastic box of goodies from a one of my university friends. Each gift was individually wrapped and labelled as either being 'For Him because...' or 'For Her because....'. Here's want was inside...
  • A Yorkie for Him.. because they are not for girls!
  • A wedding magazine for Her.. so that she can start to plan
  • A bottle of bath soak and a face mask for Her.. because it's relaxing
  • A box of champagne truffles for Him and Her.. because a bottle of real Champagne is too hard to post!
and finally.. (and this is the *most* appropriate)..
  • A packet of ear plugs for him.. because she talks about the wedding 24/7!!!
Not only do I not stop talking about the wedding, but ear plugs will actually be really useful for us during next years Formula 1 Melbourne Grand Prix. We were also really pleased to get UK chocolate past customs! You know who you are and you made our day today with such a thoughtful gift - thank you very much!

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