Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wedding preparations from afar...

It is now less than two years until TomKat will be united in holy matrimony! Actually, it won't be very holy because we are going to have a civil ceremony, but I imagine it will be marginally more holy than our current 'living in sin' arrangement.

With only 709 days left to prepare (panic!), I have been keen to lock down the essential plans to make sure we get our preferred suppliers on the big day. After finding a venue, my next stop was looking for a photographer. Although Grandma Papparazi is appropriately nicknamed for the role (my dad's mother *loves* to take photos), I didn't think she'd relish the role of official photographer, so I was lucky when someone that I follow on Twitter mentioned Mister Phill. Phill is a Dorset based photographer who specialises in 'reportage' photography, or as his tagline reads 'I compose stories of wedding days'.

I've been reading his blog for a couple of months now, and if you ever get tired of our blog (surely that will never happen, but just in case), then I'd recommend that you pay a visit to for some light reading and stunning wedding photography. Hopefully in two years time you can return to that same link and and read Phill's story of our wedding day.....

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