Tuesday, 26 October 2010

One year to the day...

Today we mark our one year anniversary of our Australian adventure, meaning that Tom and I have now spent 4% of our total lifetime living down under. When I put it like that, it doesn't sound very long, but I'm really proud to reach the one year milestone and only hope that time starts to pass a bit more slowly so that I can savour the time we have left here.

To mark this special occassion, we thought we'd go all out and do something really memorable. A weekend away perhaps? Maybe a nice dinner in the city? Actually, we've eaten an omelette and chips at home whilst I complete Tom's tax return! The moral to all of this, is that no matter how many photos I post of cute Aussie animals, beautiful sights and adventurous travels, the reality of life down under is sometimes very similar to back home, just sunnier.

We've come a long way in a year towards settling into our new lifestyle. My marks of our success include driving without the sat nav (and only sometimes getting lost), expanding our friendship group beyond our beloved Canadian besties (although still not really venturing too far beyond the North-American theme), and chosing Australian X-Factor over the UK version.

Over the past 365 days we have travelled to almost every state (Northern Territory still to go), eaten in more restaurants than my waistline cares to imagine, driven exactly 10,999kms in our car and had gained two mascots in the form of a piggy bank called Beechy and cuddly penguin called Nab Nab. We've laughed the days away with new friends and thankfully not cried too many nights away at home. The highlight of it all however is the times we've shared with those of you back home. Nothing beats sharing the life we love with the people we love, whether it's in person, on the blog or via one of our numerous apartment-tours over Skype.

Here's to another year of Melbourne-fun. Thanks for reading, and more importantly for not forgetting about us - we haven't forgotten you x

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