Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas Rhymes, Mistletoe and Wine...

Our Christmas hosts for twenty-ten
Were Sam, Lou and Baby Ben.
Joining the crowd with Katie and Tom
Were Tush and Andy - two more poms.
Into the mix, some Yanks maybe?
Welcome Pat and Amanda, and Charlie their baby!

Our day started early, with dishes to bake -
Stuffing, and starters, and meringue and cake,
Then off the airport we drove in our car,
To collect the honeymooners from lands afar.
Three days late due to snow at Heathrow,
Imagine the fun they have had to forgo....

Regardless of jetlag we started our day
By driving to Sam's to start the soiree
With presents and food and drinks in full flow
We had just one thing missing from our ex-pat Crimbo
A real Aussie perhaps, to bring local fun
Our closest is Ben, but he's only one!

I challenge you all, if you can compete
With our main course comprising three types of meat!
Duck, and chicken and pork no less -
No sign of a turkey in his Christmas dress.
With roasties and mash and vegies a plenty
We'll still be full up at Christmas 2020!

Tom's starter - prawns and smoked salmon

Sam and Pat carve the meat

Tom and me in the kitchen (I was really just in there for show)

Tush bonded with Ben

Amanda selects her Secret Santa gift carefully

Where's the turkey?!

Only in Oz for 4 hours and already Andy smells like a 'roo..

Looks like Lou was pleased with her gift!

Ben in his new Nike t-shirt!

The chaos of Christmas was too much for little Charlie

Sun-deprived Tush and Andy were soaking it up after lunch

The MEN (minus Daddy Pat)

Father and Son

The gang (minus me, taking the photo)
L-R: Tush, Sam with Ben, Pat, Amanda, Tom, Lou and Andy. (Charlie hidden in pram)

Cheers! Obligatory paddle in the bay...

Bathtime for Ben

Forgetting that we'd stuffed ourselves silly,
Tush and I continue to gorge on cupcakes on Boxing Day!

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