Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our mini-moon escape to the country...

Tom and I had long ago planned to have a weekend at the beach on 11th/12th Feb, but as the weekend approached, it seemed our trip was doomed. The run up to our Australian Wedding Party on 4th February had been stressful (although admittedly not on the scale of the real wedding), and in the days after I had succumbed to a bug which left me in bed for three days. On top of that the weather looked bad, and Tom had the option to work on Saturday morning - so we called it off.

Amid a morning of chores on the Saturday whilst Tom was a work, a quick bit of Googling revealed a decent hotel option in the Yarra Valley, and Tom didn't take much convincing.. our trip was back on. I thought, now that all the wedding celebrations are over, it might be like a mini-moon (a short version of a honeymoon). In actual fact, we were only away for a grand total of 27 hours, so I'm not sure we qualify for a mini-moon - we'll go with 'nano'-moon instead!

Our time might have been brief, but it was mighty relaxing. Despite only being an hour from the metropolis of Melbourne, the Yarra Valely is picturesque wine country. Our home for the night was the Balgownie Vineyard, where we made good use of the cellar door and spa! We ate dinner at the Innocent Bystander in nearby Healesville, and the next day visited the local wildlife sanctuary. We've visited Healesville before, right at the start of our Melbourne experience, but this visit gave Tom a whole new experience.. he got to pose as 'Mr Crapman'!!! (see below!) Here are some photos from the nano-moon...

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