Saturday, 11 August 2012

Christmas in July - 2012

Now a recurring theme on this blog, we celebrated Christmas in July for the third consecutive year down under. This year involved a weekend away to Mount Martha, about 90 minutes south-east along the Mornington Peninsula.

Thirteen adults and four under-fours spent a very relaxing 48 hours recreating the festivities of Christmas, with wintery weather included.

Memorable highlights...
- Tom and I waking up at 5.30am on the first morning to watch the Olympics opening ceremony live from London!
- Sam realising that as Tom and I were awake to watch the Olympics we might as well look after little ones Ben and Anna and let him sleep in to a more sociable hour!
- Gorgeous breakfasts cooked by Maggie, visiting US friend of Kevin and Jordan. - Hours spent in the kitchen, cooking and then washing up, to make Christmas dinner for 13.
- Forgetting the red cabbage until everyone had finished their meal. It wouldn't be Christmas without forgetting either part of the meal or a present!
- Having the guts to 'steal' a Secret Santa gift (after having my gift stolen last year).. only then to have it stolen from me at a later point in the game!
- The girls team winning 'minute to win it', proving that flexibility, strategy and teamwork can beat the speed, enthusiasm and strength of the men's team.
- The beautiful children (great photography subjects!) - Ben, Anna, Bonn and Isla.

Here's a few photos:

 Minute to Win It:

 Bonn and Anna - best friends!


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