Saturday, 31 March 2012

To the Bassill's for Lunch..

Today we had what will probably be our last meal with the Bassill Family for quite a while... Neil, Sarah and Amelie are returning to the UK in a few short weeks, so until we return, there will not be any more lunches like this! Kevin and Jordan joined also and Neil and Sarah cooked delicious BBQ burgers and salad.

Neil had every intention of making pavlova for pudding, but after hand whisking the egg whites (what an effort!), 18-month old Amelie managed to turn up the oven temperature dial whilst it was cooking. Burnt meringue? No thank you, so a Woolies meringue was a late substitute!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

365: Saturday 24th March 2012

Packing again.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The power of moving image

As much as I love still imagery, there is something about video that captures the moment in a very different and equally special way.

Our official wedding video arrived this weekend, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Alex and his team from Wedding Memories produced an outstanding one hour edit of the day, and topped it off with a five minute highlights montage, which I'm very excited to share with you all!

You can press play on the viewer below, or click here to view on YouTube.

365: Friday 23rd March 2012

Me and Mikey!

365: Thursday 22nd March 2012

OMG she is adorable

365: Wednesday 21st March 2012

Mind the gap

365: Tuesday 20th March 2012

Computer lessons

365: Monday 19th March 2012

Bouncing around ...

365: Sunday 18th March 2012

Loving Melissa's style in her and Toby's new bedroom...

365: Saturday 17th March 2012

Hong King airport lounge!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

365: Friday 16th March 2012

A living wall at the Qantas First Class lounge

365: Thursday 15th March 2012

Mum has mastered Picasa

365: Wednesday 14th March 2012

Further attempts to clean up at work.

365: Tuesday 13th March 2012

Phil arrives disguised as a bearded backpacker!

365: Monday 11th March 2012 (Labour Day)

The 'Joost' Eco-greenhouse wall at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

365: Sunday 11th March 2012

Lavender flowers...

365: Saturday 10th March 2012

First visit to Crown Gold Class = business class cinema

365: Friday 9th March 2012

The (even) less glamorous side of work..

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Photographing Julia

On 26th February 2012, The Western Bulldogs Aussie Rules football team held one of the most important events of the year for fan development - the annual 'Family Day'. Tom had a big hand in the organisation of the event and was busy directing things on the day itself (please note very official looking walkie talkie in photo below). As Tom's wife, I get the opportunity to be photographer at selected events, and this was one of them. There was a little twist however... the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was in attendance!

It's not everyday we get to move in such circles, but this certainly ticks another box in our Austrailan experience checklist! Having a big camera in my hand and a staff pass around my neck got me close access to Julia, and I'm going to claim, for the purposes of this written record, to have met her. I'm not sure that me calling 'Julia', and her looking in my direction, quite qualifies as an introduction, but who is arguing?!

Here's a few photos from the day, originally prepared for my photography website, so please forgive the branding!

365: Thursday 8th March 2012

One from the Bulldogs family day a couple of weeks ago.. I had so many 'pictures of the day' that day, and this one needed a look in...


365: Wednesday 7th March 2012

A slow day today, so another image from Sunday's BBQ.. the beautiful Suniya...

365: Tuesday 6th March 2012

Inspired by a wonderful photography workshop...

Monday, 5 March 2012

365: Cruise ship correction!

I was confused that the Queen Mary would come to Melbourne twice in 10 days... Did they forget someone?!

Turns out the Queen Elizabeth docked first, then today it was the Queen Mary 2.

Clearly I am an amateur at boat spotting, however I do have Google at my fingertips!

365: Monday 4th March 2012

The Queen Mary docked in Melbourne again today.. unless I got the wrong boat last week?! (this is definitely it!)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

365: Sunday 4th March 2012

Ben is getting fierce.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

365: Saturday 3rd March 2012

Today is Sally and Richard's wedding day! We are sad to miss it, but send wonderful wedding wishes to you both!

(and we took out wedding cards down today after two lovely months!)

365: Thursday 1st March 2012

Working hard. A photo of Kevin taking a photo!

365: Wednesday 29th February 2012

Thank you letters ready to go.

365: Tuesday 28th February 2012

The Queen Mary docks.

365: Monday 27th February 2012

Julia Gillard, by Katie Lister. *smile*

365: Sunday 26th February 2012

Tom's Bulldogs family day has a special visit from the Australian PM, Julia Gillard.