Sunday, 24 February 2013

Come Dine with Me - Take Two

So the Come Dine with Me series continues, and with the American's having taken their turn, it's three British couples left to run. Next up were Lucy and Steve, and all bets were on them preparing an Argentinian feast, having previously lived there.

They instead surprised us with a three course French delight! Here is the menu:

Entree: Moules avec du chilli et des tomates
Plat Principal: Boeuf Bourginon avec des pommes de terres boulangere
Desert: Creme brulee avec le chocolat blanc

I will admit to a little bit of googling to help us translate the potato part of the dish, and once deciphered we were excited and hungry! Here are some images from the dinner:

...and a special feature had to go to Steve in his marvellous apron!

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