Saturday, 13 April 2013

Come Dine With Me - the third night...

So.. we reached the third night of four in the ex-pats Come Dine with Me challenge. I'm going to call it CDWM from here on out because I'm already fed up of typing the full shebang out.

Tonight was the turn of Lou and Sam, famous for their cooking. Sorry, Lou's cooking. Expectations were high to say the least.. and they delivered! With a British 'oop North' theme, we knew to expect hearty delights, and they more than achieved this.. although I have one bone to pick which is that haloumi cheese is not native to the North of England now, is it Lou? They also served mouldy raspberries which was so hilarious (and got blamed on their 3 year old son!) that we all forgot about it by the time scoring came around....

Here is the menu:

Entree: halloumi stuffed mushrooms

Main: braised lamb shanks in red wine with mash and steamed greens

Dessert: chocolate truffle torte

And here are the photos!

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