Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sienna at five weeks...

How have five weeks passed already since we first met you? 

Here are some special things about you at five weeks old:
- you are desperately trying to smile and have given us a few 'nearly' smiles (captured below)
- you are focusing on our faces and following us when we move
- you can grip our fingers with your tiny hands
- your favourite toys are Zeddy the African horse (aka Zebra), Lewis the Dog, Flopsy the rabbit and your sock monkey! (ok, so maybe those are actually mummy's favourites..)
- your lungs are getting louder and you love to exercise them in the evenings!
- you sleep beside our bed in your little moses basket, but are gradually filling it up more and more each day...
- at your last weigh in you were 3.4kg, but that was at 3 and a half weeks so you must be a lot heavier now!
- just today you have learnt to sleep in the Hug-a-Bub
- you just love bathtime with Daddy when he gets home from work!

Happy five weeks sweet little one...

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