Friday, 20 June 2014

Sienna at 8 months

The time is really flying now.. our little miss is growing up so quickly, and today marks the 8 month anniversary of her arrival!

A few snippets that I want to record about Sienna May at 8 months....

- she is an observant and thoughtful baby, always looking around, rarely making much of a show but taking everything in

- she now eats three decent meals a day, particular favourites are avocado, cruskits and water

- she weighs 7.6kgs and measures 67.5cm in length

- she can sit independently and roll over both ways, but shows no sign of crawling and is generally a very stationary baby

- her favourite toys are her Jumperoo (a true happy place for Sienna!) and her bead roller coaster (google it!)

- she is developing a good head of hair, currently in the 'spikey' stage, and very very fair (see image below)

- she likes to babble away at home (but is generally quiet when we are out), and favourite 'words' are babababa, dadadada, and huh-huh-huh!

Today we took some photographs to mark her 8 months (of course). Taking a photograph with the milestone cards is becoming near impossible because she just grabs it and eats it! Oh well... :-)

Everyone comments on her eyes, if I had a pound...... etc etc!

Oooh, the spikey hair, I love it!

My attempt at the milestone card photo:

Embracing the chubby legs whilst she still can:

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