Friday, 22 January 2016

Little Street

We had a fantastic day out yesterday at Little Street in Frimley with Sienna and her little friend Lucy. Little Street is a toddler-sized 'town' packed with 'let's pretend' adventures for children. It features a cafe, hair salon, medical centre, supermarket (my favourite part!), theatre, fire engine and construction zone. The details are incredibly realistic and ticketed slots mean that it isn't overrun with too many children at once.

Sienna and Lucy had a great time 'together'. I use inverted commas here because they are still so young that they largely ignore each other, but the mums did plenty of chatting to make up for it! Sienna was very excited to have Grandad along for the ride, so I was rather redundant and could chat to Sally more easily than if I had need to chase around after her.

Here are some photos from our fun adventure!

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