Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Cookie that made me Crumble...

With just over two weeks until we fly, and only three days left at work, we are now in full swing with our "goodbyes" to family and friends. Last night it was the turn of my girlfriends from Bath university - we all studied economics together and have become a very close knit group of friends since moving to London after graduation. It shocks all of us that we've known each other for NINE years now!

Needless to say, it was horrible saying goodbye, although at least I've proved that my tear ducts are fully functional. In honour of my favourite food, I chose Pizza Express as the venue and we had a great meal and caught up on everyone's latest news (weddings, babies, coursework, holidays etc!). After I failed to leave the table to give them a chance to do sneaky things behind my back, Sarah suggested I might like to visit the ladies.. for at LEAST 6 minutes.. (no idea why six minutes, Sarah please enlighten me). Anyway, when I got back there was a lovely pile of pressies and a card full of fantastic messages awaiting me!

(L-R) Sally, Katie, Pippa, Fiona, Telfy, Sarah, Tush

Sally had gone to tremendous efforts to find me quite possibly the biggest cookie in the world, which she had beautifully decorated with "We'll miss you Katie!" in pink icing! After being totally composed until this point, I then crumbled a bit! We all ate a slice of the cookie for dessert and it was a lovely present - so thank you everyone. The girls also bought me some Percy Pigs (and Pals!), who will be travelling with me and saved for a homesick moment... Thanks also to Telfy for your wise words of experience re: overseas living, and for the delicious chocolate :-)

After trying to fight back the tears in Pizza Express I managed to attract plenty of attention in Waterloo by blubbing my way through a goodbye to Tush and Sarah. I actually think I was dehydrated by the time I got home!

So a HUGE thank you to you all for a wonderful send off!

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  1. I'm loving following your impending adventure as well!! What are you and Tom headed to Australia to do?