Monday, 12 October 2009

Goodbye to London jobs and friends..

I'm blogging from Cheshire where we have just arrived for a week of family time. The past 7 days has been full of London goodbyes though - to work places, colleagues and friends..

Friday was the last day in the office for both Tom and I, so cue another round of goodbye cards, presents and drinks.Tom's work definitely wins the prize for the best Aussie themed "goodbye", with a creatively customised card (see photo below), some sun cream and several cans of Fosters! The best present though was the "beach towell" .. which was actually flannel sized! I'm not sure that the Fosters will make it as far as Melbourne and will probably be confined to the huge stash of booze that we seem to have accumulated over the past three months and can't drink in time!

Leaving my job was difficult, having been there for five years and made many fantastic friendships. I didn't go quietly though, with multiple leaving events, three cards, two hours of Lucky Voice karaoke, and one very special gift. Parting with my work laptop and crack-berry was almost as hard as saying goodbye to some of my colleagues, but I was very controlled and managed to stay composed in the office!

The same could not be said for our Saturday night leaving drinks at the Pitcher and Piano in Trafalgar Square however. We were so happy that many of friends made the effort to come and say goodbye, (from distances as far as Cambridge and Cardiff!) but despite my best efforts I might have shed a tear or too! Saying good bye to Fiona set me off and the prospect of not being able to take Phil will me to Melbourne was all too much to contemplate! Nevertheless we had a some laughs and Catherine did a very good job of photographing the evening to give us some lovely memories to take away:

Enough of the sentimental stuff.. now that we've finished up at work, the real preparations can begin. Sunday morning was all about hardcore packing, and after a brief interlude for lunch with my brother Mat (on flying visit from Bulgaria), we loaded up our little Ford Focus to the MAX we drove up to Anna's (Tom's sister) in Cheshire for the start of our family visits..... now I'm sitting in front of the X-Factor waiting to see who will get voted out in week one. Any volunteers to give us play-by-play updates on X-Factor and Strictly after we've moved?!

Patrick and Adelene with Tom

Phil and Rich strike a pose in unison!

Eric and Lynne

Tom, Rachel, Claire and Sally

Eric, Miles, Mike and Lynne

Tom, Catherine, Matt, Firthy and Alisdair

Cambridge, Katie, Rich & Wai

Sally, with Katie and Tom

Katie with Kate and Cambridge

Wai and Rich

Fiona and Katie

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