Sunday, 18 November 2012


It's been a quiet month for blogging as work and photography have kept me busy, but this week I got the chance to take three days away from normality and attend the second of five YLT conferences. YLT is a leadership development program run by workplace, which myself and 40 of my peers are participating in throughout the next 12 months. We spend five three-day conferences together in different locations around Australia, and this time we were in Victoria.

It is all about the soft skills - self-awareness, finding your values, and learning not just about who you but who you want to be. Sound like a load of waffle? I can understand why it might appear this way, but it's hands down the best training program I've ever done...

Here's a few photos from this weeks conference.

We started the conference with the Cape Schank beach walk before catching up with everyone on the beach:
After a long day of training, four participants organised a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party', with fancy dress theme of 'what you want to be when you grow up' (as a child).. I wore a TV set fashioned from a cardboard box, as a TV news reporter! As I was the one with the camera, I have no photos of this at the moment...

We ate party food, played party games (egg and spoon race, musical chairs, pass the parcel), and Adrian won the prize for best outfit as a racing car driver. Lauren also celebrated her birthday!


Day two went by in a flurry without any photos, but the camera came back out for the closing session. Myself and three colleagues were responsible for organising an activity to close the conference. To end with some light-hearted fun we decided to 'sing the blues' and ask participants to compose a verse or two of 'blues' about what they had learnt on the conference. We then joined up all the verses to make a song. The result was a 'masterpiece', complete with poorly played harmonicas but bags of enthusiasm!

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  1. I love Cape Schanck! So pretty down there! And the party looks like great fun :D And hey from a fellow Melbournian :D
    Kristina x