Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our little Aussie

We have had lots of questions about Sienna's citizenship status.. is she Australian? or British? neither, or both? Well, luckily for this little lady, she will hold passports for both countries.

Sienna is an Australian citizen by virtue of the fact that Tom and I hold a permanent visa for the country, and she was born here. She will also be eligible for a British passport by descent, as Tom and I are both British citizens. Not only will she have two passports, but she becomes an Australian citizen before her mummy and daddy! We are not eligible to apply until next year. What a lucky little miss!

The logistics of actually getting these two passports has been somewhat complicated. Aside from the difficulties in taking a decent passport photo of a baby (and we did it when she was 10 days old!), the application process is fraught with complexity when you are an unusual case like us. After four appointments, a lot of mixed messages, more queues that I care to stand in, a sizeable chunk of dollars and a lot of journeys around the block with the pram by the grandparents to keep Sienna asleep whilst I did all of this... we finally have Sienna's Australian passport!

This is a bit of an administrative victory for me, and as the first Australian in the Hague family (but not on Tom's side as Bubba's cousins are Australian), I thought we should record the moment with some photos. Of course I did... I do not need an excuse for photos, do I?!

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