Sunday, 22 December 2013

Thank you

Sienna is now two months old, and with Christmas cards stacking up in the background, I realised it was finally time to take down all of the new baby cards.. despite the fact that they are still rolling in! I couldn't do so without some photos however (what a surprise!).

We were totally overwhelmed with the number of cards and sheer volume of presents that we have received from all over the world for Sienna. From the UK to Canada to Myanmar, distance has not limited your thoughtfulness and we want to thank you very much. Our local 'ex-pat family' has been very generous too, and we've loved receiving visits from many of our friends and colleagues here in Melbourne.

Here is just a selection of the cards and cuddly toys that we've received over the past nine weeks.. thank you to everyone for sharing in our happiness, making us feel so loved, and welcoming Sienna into the world. She can't wait to throw some smiles your way...

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