Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy three months to Sienna!

Three months today! At the beginning the days (and more so the nights!) went by so slowly, but now the time is flying and I can't believe Sienna is already three months old.

Yesterday I found her rotated 180 degrees after a nap and just today she had rolled onto her side.. uh oh, this little lady is on the move... I'm not looking forward to having to put her to bed unswaddled because her arms are still totally out of control! She regularly hits herself in the face with her fist...

Here are some photos taken today to mark her 3 months. It was pretty exhausting being my subject, as you'll see from the sleeping shot at the end!

Happy three months Sienna, may the next three be just as much fun as the last.. but with more sleep please! xxx

And asleep....

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