Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sienna at ten weeks

How can ten weeks have passed already? I still pinch myself when I realise we have this gorgeous girl in our lives! I've come to the conclusion that all time flies with a baby, apart from when they are crying, when it literally stands still.

Here are some facts I wanted to record at Sienna's ten week milestone..

- She has plenty of smiles and hands them out generously to anyone who engages with her.. we suspect a giggle is not far away

- She can blow little bubbles and loves to put her hands to her mouth and suck on them

- She has long legs and has already grown out of 0-3 month footed sleepsuits because of the leg length. She now wears 3-6 months for footed items but still fits in newborn clothes that don't have legs!

- The blonde eyelashes she was born with have been replaced with gorgeous long brown lashes just like her Daddy's

- She still has lots of blonde hair, which is a darker blonde by the nape of her neck

- We think her mouth and chin come from Tom's family, and her nose and ears from Katie's family. No conclusion yet on the eyes.. I will do a baby photo comparison post when I get time as the likenesses are uncanny in some images.

- Father Christmas visited Sienna as she has been a good girl most of the time!

- She can hold her head high during 'tummy time' and loves to topple over to the right hand side, so we have to watch her! It's not really rolling yet, more like falling!

- She has just outgrown her moses basket and transferred to the big cot, and also had a first few daytime naps unswaddled with a baby sleeping bag (although her arms are still a little out of control and tend to wake her up!)

- She is lucky to have several little friends (ie children of our friends!) who have been born within weeks of her both in the UK and here in Melbourne - baby Leo, baby Maggie and baby Lucy, with one more due any day now..

Here is Sienna May at ten weeks.....

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