Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy five months to Sienna!

Where has the time gone? I literally cannot believe that Sienna is five months old today. Here are some photographs to mark the occasion (what else?!) and a few little facts that I want to record (for me mostly!)....

At five months, Sienna...

- giggles when tickled or bounced up and down

- puts everything in her mouth

- regularly rolls to her side, but not so frequently from front to back or vice versa

- is starting to learn that sleep is a good thing!

- has outgrown her baby capsule

- sleeps in her own room

- has just doubled her birth weight at 6.1kg

- is making full use of her baby gym, reaching out for the toys and trying to pull them down

- is quite timid and unsure around new people and places

- loves the Jumperoo

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