Wednesday, 19 March 2014


For every photo that you see, there are at least two dozen discarded outtakes. You thought I posted a lot of pics? Well think about the volumes that I'm sparing you from seeing!

On this occasion, the taking of my daily photo on the day of the Australian Grand Prix, I thought it was worthwhile sharing a few of the outtakes. In this image I provided Sienna with a prop - a chequered flag. I thought she might wave it around and it would look cute... haha, what was I thinking?! Instead she screwed it up with her little fingers and tried to eat it!

My chosen image (first in the series below) was actually the very first image that I shot in the session - before little miss had a chance to do any damage to the flag! I was lucky to catch her looking at me and with at least 80% of her face showing... what followed still makes some funny viewing though :-)

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