Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sienna turns ONE...

Happy birthday to Sienna!

Today marks Sienna's first birthday and the first anniversary of Tom and I entering into the crazy world of parenthood... our tiny 3kg bundle of baby has grown into not-quite-9kg of smiles, giggles and cuddles, and we couldn't feel more blessed.

Sienna marked her first birthday in style by cutting her very first tooth, and in between the party preparations, cake making and present wrapping, I stole a few moments to consider the fact that we have survived a whole year!

Having a baby is the most wonderful gift, but also the hardest job in the world. The learning curve has been steep and we are still on the incline, but Sienna has taught us so much more than how to look after a baby. She has taught us patience and resilience, shown us that there are more important things in life than work, and filled our hearts with more love than we thought there was space for.

At 12 months she is a happy little lady who loves to babble (dadada), clap and wave. Her favourite foods are pasta, avocado, Babybel cheese and yoghurt... She can push up to her knees (just!) and bum-shuffle a fair distance. She is learning to walk when we hold her hands and takes adorable giant steps with high knees and stomping feet!

She has slept through the night precisely 16 times, which means I've had at least 349 broken nights. If you're surprised that I've counted these, your baby sleeps better than mine....

I've spent the equivalent of 25 solid days nursing (that's 621 hours, give or take a bit). If you're surprised I've counted this, then you need to get to know me better :-)

Sienna has adjusted well after the huge upheaval of moving from Melbourne to Surrey, and just to record this in writing for my own personal benefit, I do not plan on moving 10,000 miles with a baby ever again. I don't plan on moving even 10 miles with a baby for a while...

Happy first birthday darling Sienna May, we love you more than we ever imagined possible. With hugs and a million kisses from your Mummy & Daddy xxx

Pictured above, Sienna's first 12 months.

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