Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sienna's first birthday party (lessons learnt and photos taken)...

Just like everything else on the parenting spectrum, children's birthday parties are a learning curve. With one down, it's time to compile a list of things I've learnt for next year..

1. Cake - start earlier.. OR be less ambitious OR outsource to willing grandparent

2. Decorations - balloons are adored by children, but if buying one three times the size of the birthday girl, give her time to get used to it before attempting a photo shoot!

3. Food - cater for the number of guests you have attending, not three times the amount!

4. Venue - definitely hold a children's party in a house that you are about to redecorate - no worrying about the carpets!

Despite being less than a month after we landed from Australia, in a home with next to no furniture, we had a lovely little celebration for Sienna's first birthday. The theme (due to lack of furniture) was 'teddy bears' picnic', and grandparents and a few close friends with young children gathered to eat food plucked directly from Sainsbury's and onto the plate!

Here are some photos of the occasion...

The day before, Sienna's first birthday 'photos' in the gardens in front of our home. I was lucky to get a dry day and lovely sunshine!

Sienna with her Granny and Bubba (Tom's parents), opening her first gift - a doggie walker! As she can't push it yet, we are using it as a ride-on!

All dressed up in her party clothes... I still want to eat her up!! Does this feeling ever go away?!

Granny Pam, Grandad, Sienna, Granny Sue and Bubba

Time for cake with Mummy and Daddy!


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  2. Aww! She is such a cutie. She reminded me of my niece, she looks just like her. I am also planning a surprise party for her this time, she will turn 5 this year and I have already started searching for one of the best San Francisco venues for the celebration.