Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy five months to Sienna!

Where has the time gone? I literally cannot believe that Sienna is five months old today. Here are some photographs to mark the occasion (what else?!) and a few little facts that I want to record (for me mostly!)....

At five months, Sienna...

- giggles when tickled or bounced up and down

- puts everything in her mouth

- regularly rolls to her side, but not so frequently from front to back or vice versa

- is starting to learn that sleep is a good thing!

- has outgrown her baby capsule

- sleeps in her own room

- has just doubled her birth weight at 6.1kg

- is making full use of her baby gym, reaching out for the toys and trying to pull them down

- is quite timid and unsure around new people and places

- loves the Jumperoo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


For every photo that you see, there are at least two dozen discarded outtakes. You thought I posted a lot of pics? Well think about the volumes that I'm sparing you from seeing!

On this occasion, the taking of my daily photo on the day of the Australian Grand Prix, I thought it was worthwhile sharing a few of the outtakes. In this image I provided Sienna with a prop - a chequered flag. I thought she might wave it around and it would look cute... haha, what was I thinking?! Instead she screwed it up with her little fingers and tried to eat it!

My chosen image (first in the series below) was actually the very first image that I shot in the session - before little miss had a chance to do any damage to the flag! I was lucky to catch her looking at me and with at least 80% of her face showing... what followed still makes some funny viewing though :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Finding her feet...

My blog posts have become a little bit like buses... none arrive for ages and then three come at once! So here is my third photo post in a week.. Sienna finding her feet!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dipping her toes in the water...

Yesterday was the Labour Day public holiday here in Victoria, and so we decided to go on a little family outing to the beach once the heat of the day had died down.

We also went on a family outing to the park in the morning, but despite having grand plans for a photo session with Sienna, I left the memory card for my camera at home, so I have nothing to show for that trip!

Sienna has been wheeled up and down the prom on a number of occasions, but this was the first time she felt the sand and the water beneath her feet. I think it's fair to say she was rather ambivalent about the former, and slightly distressed with the cool temperature of the latter!

We had fun photographing the outing anyway...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Lunching with Hugo...

You might recognise this little chap from a few of my 365 project images... Hugo is just a few days older than Sienna and we met his parents at our childbirth education classes at the hospital, when we were just naive aspiring mummies and daddies! Hugo's mum and I have met up a couple of times since our bubs arrived, but yesterday the new dad's were reunited also.

Here's a few photos from the babies playtime as the adults ate lunch!

Monday, 3 March 2014

2014 365 Project - February

Well another month has rolled around (albeit a short one), and it's time for the second update of my daily photography project. I haven't quite managed a photo for every single day in February, but I have managed to keep my baby fed and clean - and given that is my primary priority, I'm calling this as a win!

I hope you enjoy these pictures....

Saturday, 1 March 2014

What we did in February...

Here's a few snapshots (mini camera, not big camera) from around and about in February...

We went to visit Daddy at work! It was all a bit overwhelming for one member of the family (Sienna, not Tom), but she went down a storm... especially with the receptionist who very kindly receives about 10 baby-related parcels a week due to my online shopping obsession. Sorry about that....

We hang out with my mother's group once a week - all the bubs are within a few weeks in age. Here are (clockwise from 1 o'clock) Harper, Felix, Sienna, Lachie and Tyler.

We fed the ducks for the first time! Here we are at Albert Park lake (click image for larger version). The seagulls were a bit aggressive so we didn't stay long, especially as Sienna was unprotected from their potential attacks in her new lightweight stroller! (I love our big pram but getting it in and out of my tiny car has become impractical for very short trips.)

Whilst in Albert Park we stopped to check out the preparations for the Melbourne Grand Prix. I wanted to park Sienna in pole position for a photo (thought Grandad would appreciate that) but the road was still open, so I couldn't!  Here she is on the home straight and by the pits anyway...

Strictly speaking this was Jan but never mind... we had lunch with Amy and Adam, as well as visiting Val and Pete! Here is Val having a cuddle with Sienna in their coordinating floral dresses...

... and finally we have been swimming in the big pool! I've taken Sienna to MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) twice now, and here she is, pre-swim, in her fancy Nemo swim nappy. All the other girls have fancy swimming costumes and here she is half naked... cruel mummy!

That's it for now... February '365 project' images will follow shortly.. happy March everyone!