Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday

In ex-pat land the high days and holidays are spent with our Melbourne 'family', and as it happens on this occassion, fellow Brits. We spent Easter Sunday with neighbours Lucy and Steve, and blog-regulars Sam, Lou, 2 year old Ben and 5 month old Anna.

Lucy and Steve hosted Easter lunch because Steve has just had major back surgery, and can only stand up or lie down. This means he can't travel anywhere in a car and it's more convenient to be at home. Their place is a pretty convient location for Tom and I too - they live three floors beneath us in the same apartment building! This made it really easy for Tom to cook roast lamb in our apartment and transport it down in the lift when it was ready. If only we could have bottled the wonderful aromas that filled our place and taken them with us too :-)

Lucy made prawns and risotto cakes for a starter, and Lou rounded out the meal with panna cotta and berries (and had much delight in telling us how many calories we'd consumed in the pudding alone!).

Steve had to stand up to eat his meal, so whilst we were at the table, he stood at the breakfast bar and watched on. After dinner he gave a demonstration of his 'grabber' - essential for retrieving the remote control from the floor when you can't bend down! Ben tried it on Thomas and Percy, with limited successs.

Lucy had pre-hidden lots of chocoloate eggs for Ben to find, much to his delight! He found about 20 eggs, counted them (with some help), identified all the colours, and managed not to eat them all in one sitting - well done Ben!


Happy Easter everyone!

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