Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tom's First Game

Sunday 1st April marked the first Western Bulldogs game of the 2012 season, and the long awaited start of the 'real thing' for Tom. Having joined the club just after the close of last season in September 2011, it's been 6 months of solid preparation, and now it was finally time for the action to begin. With his lean, muscular, sporty physique it's wonder he had a suit on instead of a kit (!) but either way Tom was looking very official on the day.

As General Manager of Fan Development, Tom's role on the day was to oversee all fan-engagement type activities, all of which he was directly involved in planning. This included videos played on the big screens both inside and outside the stadium, new player posters in the stadium, the 'junior captain' (like the English Premier League mascot concept), two quarter-time audience participation activities and Foxtel promotions which pitted home and away fans against each other in a cheering challenge to win an Xbox-360, a junior guard of honour as the players ran out, appearances from Woofer this mascot and Sid the real bulldog, and lots more!

I didn't get many photos because the Etihad Stadium didn't like the fact that I had a professional camera (boo). After the below image I had to stop using it, but I switch to the video camera instead (I came well prepared on the audio-visual front). Answers on a postcard for spotting Tom in the below image:

Video highlights to follow shortly!

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