Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunshine and showers...

Today brought sunshine and showers.. not rain showers, but a bridal shower for work colleague and friend, Yael. She is marring Yotam in Israel in June, and this morning one of her bridesmaids, Jenna, threw her and about 25 friends a champagne brunch. This was my first ever bridal shower, and I must say that Jenna and Yael have set the bar high!

The host Jenna opened with a very heartful speech, which was followed by several other speeches, and finally a response from Yael, who had some lovely words to share about her mum!

Here's a great idea to recycle if you are planning a bridal shower in the near future... each of us had a polaroid photo taken and then wrote a message in a guest book for Yael to keep:

I'm not sure if this was a break with tradition or not (this being my first shower and all..) but next up, the groom arrived! Yotam was roped in to play a little 'Mr and Mrs' style game, crafted by the hostess with the mostess (and also bridesmaid), Jordan. She always has the best party games, and this is another one to recycle at your own parties!

Bride and Groom sit back to back with their shoes off (wierd I know, but all will become clear), and are asked ten questions along the lines of .. "who is the best cook?", "who said 'I love you' first?" and so on.. Rather than calling out the answers, the bride and groom hold one of their own shoes and one of their partners, and raise the relevant shoe in the air to indicate their response. It's fun to watch when they agree and when they disagree!

After a delicious brunch we feasted on cake and received delicious macaroons to take home. It's 11pm now.. too late to try one?! Why not. Yummy :-)

Thanks Jenna for hosting a wonderful shower, and congratulations to the bride and groom-to-be, Yael and Yotam.

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